Partner and Public Relations

*please note Flair by Brandi is now Southern Styled Flair


Flair by Brandi will gladly welcome product reviews. These products can include : makeup, skincare products, hair care, apparel, jewelry, handbags, shoes, home decor, household products,and other pieces. All posts including written, photographed, and video will be written with my honest opinion. All statements in my post will be completely truthful and will fully state my experience with the product.

All products sent for review will be posted on Flair by Brandi and only appropriate products will be reviewed. Flair by Brandi has the right to refuse to post a review/article on a sample if the product does not appropriately reflect the values and style of the blog.

When a product is reviewed I will fully disclose the brand where it is clearly labeled and visible. I will also include a link to the brand site with additional details for the item being reviewed.

Samples and Returns

Feel free to send samples to Flair by Brandi for review. Please note that any samples will not be returned due to the effort and time it takes to review the various products. Not all samples will be reviewed unless they fit well with Flair by Brandi and are appropriate. If there are questions regarding this please email us!

Please contact Flair by Brandi if you are interested in reviews, partnering, collaborating, etc. You may reach us by email at [email protected]